"We are in the business of changing people's lives"

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About us


Higher education has given ample proof of its viability over the centuries and of its ability to change and to induce change and progress in society. We prepare students for a life of engaged global citizenship, and we are committed to imbibe inclusiveness, respect, and enthusiasm for diversity. We hope that our students develop personal, interpersonal, academic skills, with a sensitivity to the environment around them.


We hope to be the guiding hand to students in their pursuit of lifelong academic and personal successes by addressing their varied needs to attain a world class education and to give every Indian student a chance for a better life and hence our motto � We are in the business of changing people's lives.


Consistent with our ethos of 'PEOPLE FIRST' , we strive to instil in our counselling centre, the importance of valuing all forms of diversity so that our students can come together as a united community and hopefully disseminate these values to the communities they interact with anywhere in the world..