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Dublin Business School

Founded in 1875, Dublin Business School is one of the largest independent colleges located in Ireland. This world-renowned B-school has its main campus in Aungier Street and 5 other campuses in varied locations in the city. This college offers a series of undergraduate and post graduate degree programs. Students can take up full time programs or attend the evening classes. The various courses offered by this educational institution are accounting and finance, arts, law, information technology, media and journalism, psychology and social sciences, as well as business and management. This business school also has an agreement with one of the leading German supermarkets chain to create a degree that is related to the retail industry. This degree will be very useful for students who want to explore business opportunities available in the retail and ecommerce sector.

Dublin Business School is a third-level institution in Ireland and accepts international students. It offers an internationally recognized education experience. So, no matter which country you are from, you will be able to benefit from studying in this business school. It has a dedicated student support services wing that helps international students find their feet and settle in the new country. Its flexible award system allows students to learn at their own pace. Students are given the freedom to create their own education pathways and set up their personal educational goals. All these factors and the world-class training provided by the highly experienced staff will ensure that you get the best learning facilities.

The dedicated program management program in the Dublin Business School encourages individual development and supports student's development. Moreover, their student's centric approach to education keeps the learner at the focus point of all the academic programs.

If you are keen to make your mark in the business world, then you need all the experience, exposure and learning that you can get. Dublin Business School helps you get all these. However, you should ensure that you fulfill all their eligibility criteria in order to get admission to this international college. Gees Consultants can help you in the entire process. Established in 1995, Gees Consultants has been offering counselling for students who want to study abroad. We also train students to take up Visa interviews. Gees Consultants has had a success rate of 95% in the Visa interviews we trained students for. Want to pursue your higher education in Dublin Business School? Gees Consultants is there to support and assist you every step of the way.

Dublin Business School

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