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MBA in Singapore

Did you know that Singapore is one of the preferred countries for pursuing Masters in Business Management and Administration? There are many benefits in studying MBA in Singapore. This island nation plays host to some of the best B-schools in the world. Plus, the liberal lifestyle of the country encourages people from all over the world to come to Singapore. So, there are more opportunities for world-renowned talent to travel to this country.

Studying MBA in Singapore is more affordable compared to pursuing higher education in other international universities. The travel time and expenses are also lesser compared to traveling to other continents for higher studies. Students from all parts of the world come to study business in Singapore. So, you will be exposed to a truly international environment. Meeting people from different countries with varied lifestyle and culture will give you ample exposure to the various kinds of people you will meet at work. As a student, you will have the freedom to understand the various cultures, which will prove to be very helpful when you are dealing with international clients when you're working.

The best part of studying MBA in Singapore is that you will be able to take up a part time job for economical support. The job will not only help you out financially but also help forge your career in your chosen industry. You will be able to make plenty of contacts when you take up work while pursuing your Masters in Business Administration. With more than 20,000 international companies located in Singapore, the scope for finding work is immense. Above all, Singapore is a relatively safe place for people from all nations. The standard of living in this city-country is very high. There is absolutely no fear of racism, which is one of the major reasons that Singapore is an attractive destination for higher studies.

You should have fulfilled the basic admission criteria if you want to pursue MBA in Singapore. B-schools will ask for a Bachelor's Degree in any stream from a recognized university. You should have also cleared your GMAT exams and IELTS (if required). Some universities will also ask for work experience.

If you want to study MBA in Singapore, Gees Consultants can give you the support and guidance you need. We are a Bangalore-based consultancy with a team of highly experienced professionals. Our experts offer career counselling and IELTS training for students who want to study abroad.

MBA in Singapore

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