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HULT International Business School

The HULT International Business School, offers undergraduate, post graduate, and open programs. This university is one of a kind for it has seven campuses spread across the globe. The global campus locations are Hult, London, which gives the university its name, Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, Shangai, New York, and Ashridge.

The HULT International Business School offers a global one-year MBA program, which is specially designed for students who want to enhance their work skills and employability. The curriculum is designed to enhance your leadership skills and learn the core business concepts in a practical manner, which will allow you to use them in real-time applications. Whether you want to study finance, management, or marketing strategy, their MBA course can be customized to meet each student's individual expectations. Each student will be expected to complete the 7-month challenge and take up a task provided by a large company. Once you work on the projects, you will be able to tackle any challenge posed in the corporate company you work for in future. If you have plans to start up a company, you can take the help of the professionals and professors of the university to get started.

The Global Executive MBA course program offered by the HULT International Business School is specially designed for working professionals. This 2-year course program has the maximum flexibility, enabling students to study from anywhere. Plus, students can also take up online modules so that they can study as they work. The various programs offered in this executive course are entrepreneurship, general management, finance, marketing, and project management.

Apart from MBA, the other postgraduate courses offered by the HULT International Business School are International Business, International Marketing, Finance, and Social Entrepreneurship. It also offers a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

The campus life in this international university is rich and diverse. There are plenty of clubs, societies, and sporting events to encourage students to develop a life out of the classroom. The university has a student support center that helps students start a club, get their Visa, or even prepare your resume. Students can take the help of the housing department to find a safe and comfortable accommodation close or in the campus.

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HULT International Business School

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