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James Cook University (JCU) Singapore

What comes to your mind when you think of Singapore? Shopping, sightseeing, night life! Do you know that there are some world-renowned educational institutions in this island country? One of the top places to study higher education in Singapore is the James Cook University. This private university is actually a branch of the James Cook University located in Townsville, Australia. The various courses offered in this university are environmental science, information technology, education, tourism, counselling, business, and hospitality. This university has a trimester system, which enables students to complete their course faster. Unlike other universities that accepts students only once a year, this one accepts students three times of the year - February, June, and October. The university offers both graduate and post graduate courses.

Get a true international exposure by studying at JCU, Singapore. As the main branch is in Australia, you can expect the Australian standards of academics and research in this Singapore branch too. Moreover, the cost of travel, stay and studying in Singapore will be more affordable. The travel time to Singapore from India is also lesser so that you will be able to get back home more frequently.

Interested in studying at the James Cook University, Singapore? Gees Consultants can make your dream come true. A Bangalore-based consultancy, we have been providing support and counselling for students who want to study overseas. Gees Consultants was established in 1995 and till date, we are maintaining an exemplary record of 95% Visa clearance for the students we sponsor.

At Gees Consultants, we have one-one-one talks with students and their families to understand their expectations, preferences and budget constraints. Taking all these factors into consideration, we suggest various universities that they can apply for their higher education. Whether they want to study at the James Cook University in Singapore or any other well-known place in New Zealand, we will provide the necessary help throughout the process.

At Gees Consultants, we have experienced professional who can provide career counselling. Plus, we are associated with many of the international education bodies to help smoothen and streamline your application process. We will collect all the necessary details for application and admission to the top universities in the world. Moreover, we also conduct IELTS training programs so that you can attend the tests with confidence and get the requisite scores for admission in JCU, Singapore. After you're selection process is completed, our experts will brief you about the life and culture in Singapore so that you can adjust to the new environment.

James Cook University JCU Singapore

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