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Shannon College of Hotel Management


Founded in the year 1951, Shannon College of Hotel Management is one of the leading Hotel Management institutes in Ireland. It has recently become a part of the NUI Galway and is also a part of the University's College of Business, Public Policy and Law. The College holds recognition worldwide and the qualifications awarded by the college are globally recognised by international hotel companies, foreign governments, overseas universities and international hospitality organisations. Shannon College is the only hotel management college whose degrees are awarded by the National University of Ireland.

The work ethos of Shannon College of Hotel Management is the standards on which the students are prepared, these can be stated as below as under -

  • Student success largely depends on the quality and the technique of imparting education. PIHMS inculcates integrated learning to be experienced by all students. The school campus has
    • Commitment to Excellence
    • Attention to detail
    • Customer care
    • Presentation
    • Punctuality
    • Discipline
    • Hospitality
    • Presentation
    • Professionalism

Upon enrolment in the college, students are required to sign a Code of Discipline adhering by the above set rules.

Courses Offered

Shannon College of Hotel Management offers 2 main programmes of study to international students

  • Bachelor of Business Studies in International Hotel Management (BBS)
  • Certificate in English Language Studies (CELS)
  • Secondary Degree programme - BComm

The degrees for all the above are awarded by NUI Galway.

Shannon College of Hotel Management - The Advantage

When looking for a graduating college for studying, a number of parameters are to be weighed. The college hold advantageous position as compared to other if the set parameters are arrived at. Studying at the Shannon College of Hotel Management provides the following benefits to the students, each of which is very vital -

  • 100% employment guaranteed
  • Undergraduate degree includes two paid internships
  • 100 hotel partners in 16 countries worldwide
  • Business degrees awarded by the globally recognised NUI Galway
  • Renowned in its field of imparting the best hotel management education since 1951

Hotel Management is an unpredictable, challenging and exciting career. Make it exceptionally superior by joining hands with Shannon College of Hotel Management, the best in Hotel Management Schools.

Shannon College of Hotel Management

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