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University of Auckland

If you are frustrated with the red tape and politics in getting admission in one of institutes in our country, you can think of pursuing your education in one of the top universities abroad. The University of Auckland is ranked 82nd in the 2015/1016 World University Rankings. Located in Auckland, this university offers various study options for international students. This university offers special support for students from other countries. It offers on-campus visa renewal service. The university also has trained counsellors and advisors who help international students overcome the cultural shock and adjust with the new life in the new country.

The various faculties in the University of Auckland are Arts, Business School, Education and Social Work, Law, Medical and Health Sciences, Bioengineering, Sciences, Creative Arts and Industries, Engineering and more. The university has exchange programs as well as study abroad programs. There are loans, finance and scholarships available for international students. You should check out the eligibility criteria and apply for the same so that your education doesn't become a financial burden for and your family. Plus, you should collect all the fees details and other expenses you will have when you study abroad. With all the information, you should carefully plan your finances so that you can complete your education without any financial problems.

If you wondering how to get all the relevant information about studying in the University of Auckland, Gees Consultants is here to help you out. Based in Bangalore, we have been helping students pursue their higher education overseas. Our consultancy was established in 1995, and we have been providing reliable consultancy and counselling services to students. We also have a special department that provides training for IELTS. It is a well-known fact that you should have minimum scores in the IELTS exams even if you want to apply to foreign universities. We have experts who can give you the requisite training to take up the exam with confidence. Plus, Gees Consultants will help you with all your Visa application and interview process.

Gees Consultants is associated with the ENZ, which is an international education body located in New Zealand. So, we can ensure smooth transition from here to New Zealand. We will also advise you about the culture and lifestyle in the country so that you will not find it difficult to adjust when you land in New Zealand. Gees Consultants will help make your dream of studying abroad come true.

University of Auckland

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